There are XI steps in the complex. The sixth step of the complex is for students (18 - 24 years old). Norms can be passed in 11 sports, four of which are mandatory (running 100 meters and 3 km, pulling up on the crossbar, leaning forward from the standing position with straight legs on the gym bench (below the level of the bench). The remaining tests are optional: a long jump from the place and takeoff, throwing grenades, cross-country running, swimming 50 meters, shooting from an air rifle, hiking, self-defense without weapons. Since January 1, 2018, the standards and requirements for those passing the complex are changing. So, additional distances of 30 and 60 meters are introduced in the list of "mandatory" types. But if before the standard in the race for 100 meters for the "golden" sign for men was 13, 5 seconds, then from January 1 it will be 13,1 second. And for women, respectively, it was - 16, 5 seconds, now it is 16,4 seconds. In the race for 3 kilometers for men, the standard was 12 minutes 30 seconds, now it is 12 minutes. In jumping and throwing grenades standards remain the same. At 50 meters swimming distance for men it was necessary to swim this distance for 42 seconds, now it is 50 minutes, and for women it was 70 seconds, now it is 60 seconds. But if earlier for the "silver" and "bronze" signs you just had to swim distance (to be able to swim), now, you need to show the result: 1 minute or 1 minute 21 seconds for men. 1 min 15 sec, 1 min 25 sec for women. In the tightening on the crossbar the standard was 13 times, now it is 15 The women had to bend on the hands 14 times, now it is 17 In the throwing of the grenade the standard is preserved to 37 and 21 meters. The norm in"cross-country running" at distances of 3 and 5 kilometers for women and men, the standard was without time. Now you need to run 5 km for 22 minutes for the "golden" sign, and 3 km for 17 minutes 30 seconds. To get the "golden" sign, you need to meet the standards in 9 types (4 mandatory, 5 - optional). For the "silver" sign - 8 types (4 + 4) and for the bronze - 7 (4 +3). Questions and answers: - Do the students who entered the institute with the sign have to pass the standards? - The first-year student received the sign at the school, in the V stage (16 - 17 years). Now he will be tested for the sixth stage and receive a sign in the VI level. - Is it possible to pass standards in the lessons of physical education? - No. In Novocherkassk there is a single center with judges who have passed the certification. They are also testing for this standards. Y.V. Verdi, the head of the Physical Education Department of SRSPU (NPI): - Freshmen begin preparation for testing in the framework of standards at the lessons of physical education. In competitive form they pass control standards (running for 100 meters, jumping in length, pulling on the crossbar for men and bending the arms in the recumbent lying for women). These are included in the program of the complex. The best students at each faculty and the best faculty are determined. We have no one in the university who can not swim. Last year 32 students entered the first course, unable to swim. By the end of the first year, only one remained. I'm sure 2018 should be the year of getting ready for work and sport. I would like that our unversity is the first among the universities both in the city and in the region. For this we have all the conditions: a stadium with treadmills and sectors for jumping, track and field athletics arena, swimming pool, sports and gyms, shooting. Students, go for it! Follow the standards! Support your high school!

Анатолий Тимофеев