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The results are summarized, the best of the best are found, the participants and the speakers, who worked hard all the week, studied, communicated, exchanged opinions and looked for joint solutions of tasks in SRSPU (NPI), go home. But at first - a solemn closing ceremony and awarding. The event began with a forum participants parade of teams. The rector of SRSPU, V.P. Perederiy was the first to adress with congratulations to the young professionals from 16 regions of Russia. - I really want that today, at this moment of summarizing and parting, none of you felt like a guest. The first forum "Work in Russia!" is completed, and I am very proud of you, your talents, the decisions that you proposed, "said Vladimir Grigoryevich. - I am very glad that the first forum was held on the site of our university, and it was on the eve of its jubilee. Perhaps 110 years is not enough for history this, but for the university it is a solid milestone. And I am sure that the experience we have gained over the years will be realized from year to year in you - in talented youth, in bright young engineers, in your projects and inventions. The first vice-president of the Union of Machine Builders of Russia, the first deputy chairman of the Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation on economic policy, industry, innovative development and entrepreneurship, the chairman of the Board of Trustees of the SPSU (NPI) congratulated all participants and organizers of the forum. V.V. Gutenev: - Dear friends! I'm happy to stand on this stage today and look at all of you - participants of the first forum "Work in Russia!". It is very important for the Union of Machine Builders, and I hope that its history, which started in these days in the walls of SRSPU(NPI), will continue. SoyuzMash this year also celebrates the anniversary, but quite small - 10 years. And we decided to conduct ten different youth professional forums in different regions to gather the brightest, most talented, most interesting young professionals on them. I congratulate you on the completion of this most interesting experience and wish you successes, new achievements and heights! Vladimir Vladimirovich awarded diplomas to the to the winners and the most active participants of the forum "Work in Russia!". All the teams also received memorable gifts from the Rector of SRSPU (NPI) V.G. Perederiy. Head of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs Alexander Bugaev, in his congratulations, wished the participants and prize-winners of the forum to remain faithful to the chosen professions and to achieve really remarkable successes. Alexander Vyacheslavovich also awarded letters of gratitude to the volunteers of the SRSPU(NPI) Volunteer Center, who helped in the work of the forum for all these days. As part of the closure of the forum, an agreement on cooperation between the Russian Union of Machine Builders and the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs was signed. The document was signed by Vladimir Vladimirovich Gutenev and Alexander Vyacheslavovich Bugayev. The solemn ceremony was concluded with a concert, which was prepared for all participants by actors of the SRSPU House of Scientists and Students.

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