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Polytechnic University is one of the most sportive universities in Russia. Its sports glory was created by the country's great athletes, who made a huge contribution to the national and world sport with their achievements. Today their endeavors continue. All-Russian athletics competitions "Polytechnic Mile" for many years have already become a visiting card of the university. For the first time a mile was held in 2009 Its length is 1907 meters, it corresponds the year of the university foundation. The first winner of the Polytechnic Mile was: Master of Sports, Polytechnic Dmitry Nizzelsky with a result of 4 minutes 59.5 seconds. And Ekaterina Chebotareva from Taganrog 5 min. 52.9 seconds. Since 2011, the competitions have been included in the calendar of all-Russian competitions. The strongest runners of Russia began to take part in them, among them the record holder of Russia in the race for 1500 and 3000 m muscovite Vyacheslav Shabunin, the champion of Russia world-class athlete Alexei Popov from Voronezh, the member of the Russian national athletics team Konstantin Tolokonnikov from Rostov-on-Don. Over 200 runners took part in the Polytechnic Mile competitions this year. At the grand opening among the honorable guests were the director of the SRSPU (NPI) military institute Lieutenant-General Valery Moskovchenko, world-class athlete, the world champion Anatoly Nosyrev, world-class athletes Olga Goncharova and Artem Lukyanenko. The first vice-rector, scientific supervisor of the University N.I. Gorbatenko congratulated everyone on the 110th anniversary of the university and wished everyone success in the race. A. Lukyanenko and O. Goncharova held a warm-up exercise with students from all faculties who had come to the parade. The first to start were the boys and girls of 2000 birth age and younger. The fate of the first place was decided at the finish. The first winner was Vladimir Izvozchikov - 5 minutes 59 seconds, the second place took Alexander Stetsenko, the third - Maxim Surovyatkin. All of them are sportsmen of sports school No 1 Among the girls number one was Alexandra Dyakonova, second Violetta Bondareva and third Darya Voronkova they also study at sports school No. 1 Svetlana Pokhlebina (sports club SRSPU (NPI)) was the first in the elite race for women. 6 min. , 18 seconds, second place was taken by Jan Deinega 6 minutes. 25 seconds (SRSPU (NPI)), the third place took Nadezhda Malinchenko (Taganrog) 6 min. 45 seconds. Also word-class athlete Alexei Popov from Voronezh was beyond comparison with his result of 5 min. 14 seconds, this is his fourth victory in a mile. The second was Eugene Egorov from Voronezh. Alexander Danchenko and Vladislav Kirichenko competed for the third place, with the result of 5 minutes. 53 seconds Kirichenko from Rostov-on-Don won. Danchenko lost 0.1 seconds. The students from all faculties started the last. Valery Moskovchenko awarded the winners, handed diplomas, cups and cash prizes. Aleksei Popov, world-class athlete, the champion of Russia, Voronezh: - I have been competing in the Polytechnic Mile for the fifth time and every time I am amazed at how good SRSPU (NPI) is. It has become very beautiful. All this pleases. Alexander Lebedinsky, honorable coach of Russia. The employee of physical culture of Russia, Taganrog: - I have not been to Novocherkassk for two years. I have visited the sports campus of the university. I was struck by track and field athletics. I'm just dreaming about this. Every year the weather is great during the competition this time the weather was fine for the athletes. I would like to note the excellent organization of the competitions, starting with the grand opening and finishing with the awarding of the winners.

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