The beginning of the new academic year at NPI was marked by another historical event. A new sculptural composition appeared before the main building of the university. The holiday at the university began with the inauguration of the monument "On the Establishment of the Don Polytechnic Institute". The initiators of this event are traditionally the students of the Polytechnic University. In 1965, also on the initiative of students, a monument to the Hero of the Great Patriotic War, Galina Petrova, appeared on the territory of the university, in 2015 - a monument to the Don Polytechnic Volunteers of the Great War of 1914-1918. Now, thanks to the activity and adherence to traditions, the words from the decree of Emperor Nicholas II are immortalized. There was almost a year from the idea to the implementation of the project, students, teachers, and heads of the university took part in the creation of the monument. Each contributed to the preservation of the glorious history of our university. Remembering and honoring your past is the responsibility of all generations. Today's students of the first higher educational institution in the south of Russia are very careful and cherishing the in preservation of traditions. The honor to open the memorable composition fell to the first pro-rector of SRSPU (NPI), 1971 graduate, Nikolai Ivanovich Gorbatenko and the chairman of the trade union organisation of SRSPU (NPI), Julia Tyshlangyan. Addressing the audience, Nikolai Ivanovich said: - All significant events are checked by time. Those historical moments that are remembered and storeв by generations become the mainstay of traditions. From our generation glorious by generations become the mainstay of traditions. From our generation glorious traditions of the past are passed from generation to generation. And now time has chosen us. Our task is to make every effort to ensure that after many years the words "I love you, NPI" sounded within the walls of this university. The ceremony continued with a touching moment - reading out the message to the students of the future. The connection of generations and the preservation of history will continue. On the opening day of the monument was timed to the Day of Knowledge and the 110th anniversary of the university, a time capsule was laid at the base of the monument. This letter will be read 40 years later, by those who will be proud to celebrate the University's 150th anniversary. The capsule of time was laid by the future graduates of NPI Roman Shchelkunov and Alla Manzhosova. Roman noted: - NPI for me is not just a university, in which I'm getting education. This wonderful university has given me many opportunities and it is here that I learned so deeply to appreciate history and honor the memory of all those who created and developed this university. I believe that higher education is unthinkable without true respect for history and the ability to preserve age-old traditions. Students of the NPI, teachers, leaders, representatives of the clergy, executive and legislative authorities of the country, region and city, heads of partner enterprises, graduates, veterans and many other guests took part in the celebration. Another holiday in SRSPU once again demonstrated the strongest connection between generations of students, teachers and heads of the university, which had become the first educational institution of higher education in the Don land.

Пресс-служба ЮРГПУ(НПИ), Фото Виктории Павловой, Татьяны Скаровской, Марии Короленко