Postgraduate course

Researchers’ specialty

Mathematics and mechanics

Mathematical physics

Computer and information sciences

Design automation systems

Foundations of information science

Physics and astronomy

Condensed matter physics

Chemical sciences

Analytical chemistry

Organic chemistry

Physical chemistry




Geology and mining geophysics, minerageny

 Environmental geology (by industries)

Construction methods and technology

Structural analysis and design

Foundation engineering, underground constructions

Water supply, sewage, building systems of water resources conservation

Building materials and products

Structural mechanics

Environmental safety of construction and urban development

Informatics and computers

System analysis, information management and processing (by industries)

Elements and devices of computer facilities and control systems

Automation and production control (by industries)

Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and program complexes

Electronics, radio engineering and communications systems

Technology and equipment for the production of semiconductors, materials and devices of electronic engineering

Photonics, instrumentation, optical and biotechnical systems and technologies

Measurement instruments and methods (by types of measurements)

Electrical and thermal engineering

Electromechanics and electrical devices

Electrical engineering complexes and systems

Theoretical electrical engineering

Nuclear, thermal and renewable power generation and related technologies

Power systems and complexes

Electric power plants and systems

Industrial thermal power engineering

Thermal power plants, their power systems and units

Mechanical engineering

Robots, mechatronics and robotic systems

Theory of mechanisms and machines

Road-building, construction and materials-handling machinery

Mining machines

Science of machines, driving systems and machine parts

Industrial chemistry

Technology of inorganic substances

Technology of electrochemical processes and noncorrosive coating

Technology of organic substances

Chemistry of fuel and high energy substances

Technology of silicate and refractory nonmetallic materials

Technosphere safety

Occupational safety (by industries)

Fire safety and industrial safety

(by industries)

Geology, exploration and mining

Mineral processing

Technology and techniques of geologic exploration

Applied mining and petroleum field geology, geophysics, mine surveying and geometry

Theoretical bases of mining systems design

Geotechnology (in-mine, open-cast and construction)

Materials technology

Powder metallurgy and composite materials

Materials science (by industries)


Economy and management of the national economy (by industries)

Mathematical and instrumental methods of economics

Social science


Economic sociology and demography

Social structure, social institutes and processes

Sociology of management

Education and pedagogy

Theory and methods of vocational training

Philosophy, ethics and religious studies 

Social philosophy