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M.I. Platov South-Russian State Polytechnic University (NPI) is one of the oldest and one of the most authoritative university in the south of Russia.  It was founded in 1907 with the approval of the Russian Emperor Nicholas II.  The university was the first higher educational institution established in the south of Russia. It got the status of the State University.

According to the RAEX rating agency, the University is among the 50 best technical universities in Russia (out of more than 1200) with the high reputation among employers.

The University is considered to be the large educational, cultural and scientific center of the region.  Today the main activities of the University are the training of highly qualified engineering personnel for modern technological production and the conduct of fundamental and applied scientific research.

Graduates of the University receive a state-recognized degree, testifying that they received higher education with an indication of the degree / qualification and specialty.  A graduate, if desired, can receive an additional document – the "Diploma Supplement", which allows him to obtain the equivalence of a diploma in any country in the world for either continuing education or employment.


1907 year of foundation


11 faculties / institutes


71 degree programs / specialties


600 lecturers


12 000 students


700 international students from 30 countries


University’s Achievements



The university was included in the list of the best universities in Russia on the basis of the contest "100 best universities and research institutes of Russia" and was awarded a gold medal.


The team of the University students became the bronze medalist of the III International Olympiad of University Students in Theoretical Mechanics.



The University was among the priority projects of the Government of the Russian Federation and declared the center of innovative development of the region.


The team of students of the University won the first prize in the All-Russian competitions of student clubs, fraternities and associations "Big Tournament -2016".


Members of the University team won prizes at the International Industrial forum "Engineers of the Future-2015".


Employees of the University were awarded state awards and an honorary Order "For Merit to the Fatherland"


Quotation / Historical Background

The University bears the name of Matvei Ivanovich Platov, an outstanding commander, Don Ataman, a general from the cavalry and the hero of the Patriotic War of 1812.


Teachers of the University

Professors of the University combine in their educational activities fundamental theoretical knowledge and work experience in modern industries.  Due to this, students have the opportunity to learn from competent professionals who are really in the profession and know all the manufacturing processes thoroughly.

Serious work is being done at the university, aimed at forming young scientific and engineering elite. Youth scientific laboratories have been established and are actively working at the University.  The development of the research potential of young scientists is a strategic state task. Study at the University gives an opportunity to communicate with talented scientists and famous professors, which allows each student to develop his/her individual potential to the maximum.


International cooperation

The University can rightfully be considered a center for the training of engineering personnel for the world market.  Currently more than 700 representatives of 30 foreign countries study at the University.

 International activity is one of the main directions of the University development.  For the effective implementation of this activity, the Institute for International Education was established within the structure of the University.  The Institute has developed a number of educational programs on promising areas of science and technology together with the leading technical universities in Germany and the University of Applied Sciences in South Westphalia.


 The University is a member of Erasmus + consortia of European programs.  This allows the University to annually participate in the exchange education programs by sending its undergraduates, graduates and professors to foreign universities and receiving foreign colleagues in the framework of academic mobility programs.

 Due to the concluded and current agreements with the German DAAD organization, the students of the University have the opportunity to receive research scholarships as part of the internship program "Mikhail Lomonosov", "Immanuel Kant", "Leonard Euler" and others.





For more than 110 years of its existence the University has produced more than 150 thousand specialists.  Academic traditions and experience help today to prepare young specialists with a high level of education.


 The educational process at the University is built on a harmonious combination of fundamental technical education and the possession of modern practical engineering knowledge. Everything is arranged in such a way that students acquire the necessary baggage of technical knowledge and skills that will allow them to be in demand in competitive labor markets.


 The university actively promotes future engineers in research and development.  For this purpose, various Russian and international scientific and training seminars, conferences and forums are regularly held at the University.  Students have great opportunities to discover their research potential.  The most capable and successful students may join the "Council of Young Scientists".


Supplemental educational opportunities

The participation of the University in various international scientific and educational programs and agreements enables students to join academic mobility programs and take internships abroad.

9 research institutes successfully operate at the University. On their basis the students have the chance to practice professional practical skills as well.


Comfortable conditions


Students get accomodation in one of the 12 comfortable and modern student hostels of the University.  A WiFi network is available.


Interesting hobbies

Much attention is paid to the arrangement of rich and interesting life of the students outside of the classrooms.  For this, the House of Scientists and Students was arranged.

Students can bring their artistic talents to light in various creative studios and clubs.

The University invites students to sports teams and sections.  Everyone can choose the sport that is most interesting for him: football, basketball, judo, sambo, freestyle wrestling, weightlifting, powerlifting, athletics, sports tourism, rock climbing, swimming, table tennis.

The University annually hosts Sports and Athletic Meeting and Universiades, where students have the opportunity to show their achievements in sports and bring high results to the team of their faculty.

 Traditionally, the University holds bright cultural events. Great attention is paid to the Days of Culture of foreign countries, since the University is a large multinational family, where there is trust and respect for each other.

 A special interest among students and professors is the traditional University festival of friendship among the peoples.  Students have the chance to present their national culture in all its glory, demonstrate national costumes, sing folk songs and dance folk dances.

 The University calendar is filled with various fascinating events for a year. Students can take part in various contests, festive New Year programs, have fun on Student's Day, or take part in a Governor’s ball.  Traditionally, the best students of the region are invited to this ball. The Governor of the region and the Mayor of the town personally greet the participants.

Platov South-Russian State Polytechnic University is very responsible for the successful adaptation of international students, it provides support and assistance starting on their day one at the University.  Friendly and hospitable classmates and staff of the University are always ready to help international students.


In Platov South-Russian State Polytechnic University you will receive:

A state-recognized degree

testifying the acceptance of higher education with an indication of the degree/qualification and specialty.  A graduate, if desired, can receive an additional document – the "Diploma Supplement", which allows him to obtain the equivalence of a diploma in any country in the world for continuing education or employment.

Affordable education

You will receive a professional education at an affordable price, in which its quality and the cost of educational services are reasonably combined.  Your education is partially subsidized by the Russian Federation, which allows you to reduce the cost of study and make it affordable for citizens from different countries, taking into account family income and opportunities.

The quality of education

You will receive a qualitative education in the field of engineering and technology, which is fundamental in the international economies of today, you can get the profession of an engineer and be a sought-after specialist in any country in the world.

Immersion in the profession

You will gain applied skills along with mastering the theoretical base.  Each educational program is aimed at ensuring the successful gaining of knowledge by the students, preparing them to apply the skills acquired in their future careers.

Personal comfort

You must be sure that at every stage of your study at the University you will be given proper support and assistance in solving educational and everyday issues.

Personal advancement

You will be involved in academic, scientific, creative and sports activities that will bring your talents to the light completely. The University offers you great opportunities.

Acquaintance with the new culture

The charm of the southern Russian town, in which the University is located; fascinating excursions to historical places of Russia; acquaintance with people from different cities and countries, new fancies and hobbies – all this will make your student life fascinating and interesting.





The University is located in the warm and welcoming town of the southern part of Russia –Novocherkassk.  The town was founded in 1805. Today it is a major cultural and economic center with a developed infrastructure of the modern town. It attracts tourists and guests with its history, multinational traditions and southern hospitality.  The town is located on the picturesque banks of rivers, buried in the greenery of parks and gardens.


 Majestic Orthodox churches, ancient architecture and modern architectural structures are  harmoniously combined in the town.  Museums and theaters, libraries and art-centers fill the life of the town with bright events. There are about 200 monuments of history and architecture in Novocherkassk open to students at any time of the year. The town has many clubs, youth cafes and restaurants with a variety of cuisine. Novocherkassk is the town of students: approximately every fifth person living in the town is a student, most of them studying at the largest university in the south of Russia – Platov South-Russian State Polytechnic University.


 There are other towns and major cities in the region next to Novocherkassk.  Interesting excursion programs make the student life rich and allow students to learn various traditions and rich history of the south of Russia quite well.


The climate in the region is very comfortable.  There are many sunny days all year round.  Summer is hot and long, winter is mild and short.