We are glad to welcome you withing the walls of the Platov South Russian State Polyechnic University (Novocherkassk Polytechnic Institute)!

I would like to offer you a unique opportunity to obtain a higher professional education in one of the more than 100 training programs within our University. A large variety of specialties allows you to choose any direction of your future profession. 1678 budget places on the first year of study predetermine our status of the largest technical University in the South of Russia. A separate competition on specialty and direction at first stage, and then - the overall University contest, that guarantee an admission to the budget places for the applicants with the minimum allowable total points based on the results of the entrance examinations.

The availability of the military department gives students an opportunity to receive military education in the field of engineering and navigator specializations, as well as in the field of communication.

The University campus consists of eight comfortable hostels with a good housing for those who need it. The level of material security of our students is increased by the social support system - academic and social scholarships, fellowships of the University Council, the regional Governor and the Russian Federation President scholarships.

Participation in the research works, development and contractual works - all these is the prospect to get high professional qualifications and, at the same time, to improve the social status.

Developed system of parallel training enables, starting from the third year, to receive the second education on any specialty, and after four years of training to get two diplomas of higher professional education. In addition, you are able to improve your skills by enrolling to one of the 33 master's courses.

More detailed information about specialties and training courses you can get in the Atrium of the University main building. There you will fing an organized counseling centers of all our faculties. Consultations on general issues of the admission system organization you can get at the University Admissions Office.

We hope that your choice will be deliberate, and you, as well as 150 thousand of our graduates, will never regret about your decision today.

Welcome to our and your university!


                                                                                                                                                       University Rector                                 Vladimir G. Perederiy




Translated by Anastasia Popova