On June 6 the 215th anniversary of the greatest poet and writer Alexander Pushkin was celebrated.

In Novocherkassk, where the poet stayed for several times on his way to the Caucasus, the Puskin`s day have been widely celebrated by the unusual street art. It was a costume procession of the poet`s heroes in suits of the XIX century from Pushkinskaya Street then along Moscow Street and Platov Prospect to Pushkin`s monument and to the library named after him.

The SRSPU (NPI) students and staff, the students of the Novocherkassk Food Industry Collage, where the Pushkin Museum and the club "Green Light" have been working for many years, the library staff and the Novocherkassk citizens took part in the action.

The participants of the action read Pushkin’s poems and the poems about Pushkin written by the famous Russian and Novocherkassk poets, took part in the quiz and got gifts – volumes of the Pushkin’s poems.

In the evening, in the ceremonial library hall, the “Pushkin ball” took place, where there was plenty of dancing and lyrics.

It would be great, if Russian Pushkin’s Day was celebrated widely and festive not only during the anniversaries but also every year.

Once a year, on June 6 it will be useful for everyone to remember the poems of Alexander Pushkin that every Russian citizen knows from an early childhood. Especially because six days later, on June 12, we celebrate the Russian’s Day.







Translated by Margarita Osipova

Edited by Anastasia Popova