In July, another Diploma projects' defence of young professionals, engineers and masters of all forms of education at the Mechanical Department, had come to an end. The jury sorted out the best 5 diploma projects and 1 master's thesis. 

The dissertation was on the topic "Powder composite material of the Al-SiC system». The dissertation's author - is an Iraqi citizen Alabid Nadim Saleh, the dissertation director - is Professor S.N. Sergeyenko. On the basis of the dissertation research results a technological scheme of producing a Al-SiC hot-deformed-powder composite of the combustion engines' output saddle valve has been proposed.

In the V.A. Stolyarchuk diploma project (group M-5-3, the diploma director - is Ph.D., assistant professor of the "Road transport and traffic management" department A.N. Bessarabov) carried out on the instructions of the Novocherkssk Administration, the measures to improve the traffic management in the area of ​​the Azovskiy market was developed and adopted to the implementation. Head coordinator works - Head of the Road transport and traffic management Department, Prof. Dr. B.G. Hasanov.

The graduiate student of group M-5-3, A.P. Vinichenko, developed measures for modernizing production facilities of the «Volvo» autocenter LLC "Don Motors" in Rostov-on-Don. These measures are partially adopted for implementation. The project Director - Associate Professor E.V. Kharchenko.

The "Mechanical Engineering Technology, technological machines and equipment" department's graduate M.M. Puzhel presented his project "Modernization of the compound fertilizer granulation units", the project Director - Associate Professor, Ph.D. Y.Z. Nis. The proposed activities can significantly improve the work and efficiency of the existing equipment.

The same department's graduate Y.S. Gorlovoy defenced with honors his project "Mechanical workshop №10 in terms of the JSC Shakhty plant "Hydraulic", Shakhty. The equipment production - "Shaft". The project Director - Associate Professor, Ph.D. A.I. Volchkov.

The diploma project of the graduate S.S. Lagutin (group M-5-9, Building, road and utility vehicles Department) made ​​on the "Krasnaya Polyana resort in Sochi. Aerial Cableway of pendulum type. The bearings' development". Project director - Ph.D., Associate Professor V.B. Maslov. The project shows modern solutions how to improve the reliability and durability of the bearings cableways' bearings in relation to a particular locality.

The Alabid Nadim Saleh dissertation and V.A. Stolyarchuk and A.P. Vinichenko diploma projects recommended for participation in the University and regional competitions of the best graduates' work 2014 in the relevant specialties.

Here is a number of other exemplary diploma projects, that were also carried out on topical issues at a high scientific and technical level and demanded by the enterprises and the economy. The authors of these projects tend to be an honored students - our creames. Among these graduates are:

Group M 5-1 - N.S. Anisimova, A.V. Vinogradov, Y.S. Gorlova, V.P. Dubinin, A.A. Moiseenko, V.Y. Ponomarev;

M 5-3 - Y.S. Barvin, A.D. Kolesnikov, D.A. Krivocheev;

M 5-3a - R.N. Kiyashko, A.I. Koshelev, V.N. Mesenzhinov;

M 5-4 - M.L. Derevyanko, A.O. Tatarintseva;

M 5-6 - E.V. Kalashnikova, M.P. Kovaleva;

M 5-8 - K.E. Volodin, N.V. Vyachin, V.S. Deriglazov, N.P. Morozov, E.A. Oleinik, A.G. Ochinyan;

M5-9 - S.S. Lagutin.


Translated by Anastasia Popova