On June 23 all the world celebrated International Olympic Day, established in 1947 in memory of the Olympic movement revival.

On June 28 the SRSPU (NPI) volunteers of the Olympic Volunteer Centre, the participants of the Olympic Games in Sochi, as well as the participants of the Olympic Torch rally in Novocherkassk on January 21 2014, held a rally and reminded the Novocherkassk citizens of the 25th annual All-Russia Olympic day.

Russian Olympic Day - it's a great sport's holiday and a great opportunity for every Russian citizen to get aсquainted with the Olympic Movement. This year the  Olympic Day is dedicated to the discussion of the Russian sports' team performance at the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi and the 120th anniversary of the International Olympic Committee.

The ralley started from the Cathedral square, where a small team including the RSFSR Honored coach and the Don Best coach V.G. Timofeev (acting as a videographer), the director of the pre-university training department V.V. Nefedov, and the volunteers - Alexey Dikalov, the Faculty of Geology, Mining and Oil-and-Gas Engineering graduate, the torchbearer, and now the volunteer center employee; Anton Popov, the volunteer center employeer, the torchbearer, the candidate master of sports in athletics; the Faculty of Innovation and Organization of Production student and the volunteer-torchbearer Yuriy Sukov; the Power Engineering Faculty students Ilya Petrov and Artem Alexandrov; Andrew Pedchenko (FIOP) and Nastia Antonenko (Faculty of Information Technology and Control) - started its journey with the Olympic torch across the streets of Novocherkassk. The guys walked along the Platov avenue and streets of Moscovskaya and Prosvescheniya, they came up to the passers-by and asked whether they knew what a holiday in Russia was that day. Those who didn't not know, they told about the 25th anniversary of the All-Russia Olympic Day and offered to support the Olympic movement,  to "join" symbolically to the Olympic team and to be photographed in their company with the Olympic torch in his hand.

Vladimir Buryachenko, the Novocherkassk Head of Physical Education and Sport, the USSR Master of Sports also supported the Olympic Movement: "Today, on the Russian Olympic Day, we want to thank our RSRSPU (NPI) volunteers, that contributed to carrying of the Olympic Torch in Novocherkassk on January 21 and remind everyone of the Russia Victory in the Olympics in Sochi 2014".








Translated by Anastasia Popova