On June 27 to the sounds of the brass band a Graduate Prom began in the Platov South-Russian State Polytechnic University (NPI). In the Atrium there have been: the University officials, the Deans, the department Heads, the Faculty, the 2014 graduates, their parents and friends. Special guests also attented the ceremony - the Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation Presedent in the Southern Federal District, the Hero of Russia A.A. Safronov; the Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Rostov region A.A. Parshin; the Chairman of the City Duma V.N. Luchkin; the Novocherkassk Cossack District Ataman  A.V. Demchenko; the Head of the City Department of Education I.V. Trocenko; the Acting Rector of Chelyabinsk State University Y.N. Milovidov; the Director General of the "DonAvia" A.E. Steblin; the Novocherkassk archpriest Oleg Dobrinskiy. 

After entering the Russian National Flag and the SRSPU (NPI) Flag to the sounds of the National Anthem Russian flag, the University Rector Vladimir G. Perederiy took the scene to congratulate the students on their graduation from the University and receiving a diploma of higher education. 

Special thanks were addressed to the University faculty and staff. Addressing the graduates, Vladimir G. Perederiy added: "I am sure that you will make a significant contribution to the national economy, offering new and effective tools for achieving the goals. I wish you all success and career development, perseverance and patience, good health and prosperity!"

This year, more than a thouthand students graduated from the University, 400 of them will receive the Diploma with honors.

The Diplomas were awarded by the University Deans, deputy Deans and Heads of the departments. The University Rector Vladimir G. Perederiy and special guests also helped them. The University Rector and guests awarded Grateful Letters and Diplomas to the President, the Government and the Governor of the Rostov region scholarship holders.

To congratulate our University with the Graduate Prom 2014, and the alumnis - with the University graduation, arrived an Acting Rector of the Chelyabinsk State University Y.N. Milovidov. He presented to our mineralogical museum a truly "stellar gift" - a piece of the famous Chelyabinsk meteorite.

This evening for the audience sang and danced the creative teams of the Scientists and students Club.


At the University stadium a symbolic ball and fireworks were released into the air, and for the graduates started an afterparty held by the famous DJ Dr. ALEX.







Translated by Anastasia Popova