On June 24, 2014 in Astrakhan the SRSPU (NPI) Rector Vladimir G. Perederiy had a meeting with the Director General of the "Gazprom mining Astrakhan" S. A. Mikhaylenko.

In terms of the meeting they discussed issues on specialists' training for the enterprise. S.A. Mikhaylenko expressed his interest in the quality of specialists' training in our university and noted the demand for the SRSPU (NPI) graduates in the Astrakhan region gas industry labor market.

Vladimir G. Perederiy spoke about the history of the University, its famous graduates, about the achieved results of the SRSPU (NPI) staff in the training of the engineers. 

In conclusion, Vladimir G. Perederiy and S.A. Mikhaylenko signed an agreement on strategic partnership between SRSPU (NPI) and LLC "Gazprom mining Astrakhan". 

On the same day, the first meeting of the SRSPU (NPI) first Vice-Rector Nikolai I. Gorbatenko and Deputy Director General - the "Gazprom mining Astrakhan" Chief Engineer N.F. Nizamova was held. During the meeting, the parties agreed on cooperation in the upcoming training for the enterprise and the possibility of university students' practical training and their future employment.

The next day, N.I. Gorbatenko and Y.T. Chebakov had a guided tour around the Astrakhan gas-processing plant, saw the production process, had a meeting with the plant management and its branches.


Translated by Anastasia Popova