The All-Russian Аssociation of volunteer centres held its constituent assembly in Moscow. The meeting took place in the central headquarters of the "Sochi 2014" organizing Committee on May, 27. The organization intends to bring together voluntary movements and initiatives for their development in Russia.

The nonprofit organization is headed by Tatiana Gomzyakova, who is promoting the values of volunteering since 2011. She has done what seemed to be impossible. 25,000 volunteers contributed to The Olympic Games in Sochi under her leadership.

 The "Sochi 2014" volunteer program started the development of a new movement in Russia - volunteering. Russia was ranked the 8th in the «WorldGivingIndex» rankings for the involvement of its residents in volunteering. The professional and efficient work of the volunteers was highly assessed by the experts of the International Olympic Committee.

 ‘It's no secret that due to the Olympics in Sochi and the Kazan Universiade the Russians learned who the volunteers are,’ Tatiana Gomzyakova said at the press conference. ‘Today our goal is to define and strengthen the status of volunteers, to promote this new culture in Russia and the voluntary initiatives and organizations increase in number and quality. ‘

 The Representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation promised to organize qualitative interagency work to support the Association of Volunteer Centers activities. Sergey Pospelov the Head of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs expressed his willingness to further fruitful cooperation.

 ‘It is a significant and important step in the development of volunteer activities in Russia,’ said Irina Porksheyan the director of the SRSPU (NPI) VolunteerCenter. ‘The Association creation will not only contribute to the volunteerism in the region, but it will be a real continuation of the "Sochi 2014"Organizing Committee.’

 Currently the Association of Volunteer Centers includes about 30 specialized educational institutions from 14 regions of the Russian Federation. According to the Association members, the number of participants of this social organization will increase to 700 centers in the near future.





Translated by Margarita Osipova

 Edited by Anastasia Popova