The diploma defense is probably the most exciting and important moment of all the University time.

On June 17 the graduates of the "Electric drive and automatic equipment" department of the Electromechanics Faculty defended their diplomas. On the open to public defense, besides the members of the State Certification Commission, friends and relatives of the graduates, the representatives of the industrial enterprises "Belorechenskie MinFertilizers" JSC "Mineral and Chemical Company "EuroChem ": the chief power engineer R.R.  Akhmedov and the leading specialist of the HR department development  O.V. Voitova.

The "EuroChem" guests listened with a great interest to the presentations and speeches of the speakers. Some guys were immediately offered jobs at the "Belorechenskie Fertilizers" enterprise. 

After the end of the diploma defense, the head of the "Electric drive and automatic equipment" department  O.A. Kravchenko, invited the graduates and the senior students to the meeting with representatives of the "Mineral and Chemical Company "EuroChem ", that has been the business partner of our university for a long time. Holding representatives spoke about the history of the company, the structure of enterprise, about the output product, the work and leisure conditions of young employees and their families. The students were given out the questionnaires, the fulfilling of which gives the opportunity to get acquainted with the enterprise – go to practice and after the graduation to get a job.



Translated by Anastasia Popova