On May 20 a group of graduates and representatives from all University faculties, supervised by the members of the career planning and interaction with industries department V.A. Kartasheva and A.Y. Karpova, visited the "Your Job – is the government’s care" Career Fair that was held in CEC "VertolEkspo" in Rostov-on-Don.

This is an annual traditional event, organized by the Rostov regional State Employment Service Office, and the graduates of secondary and higher education institutions are invited to visit it. This year the Fair was attended by about 75 representatives of Rostov regional employers’ HR departments. The largest enterprises, like LLC "PC NEVZ", JSC "Rostvertol", LLC "CP Rostselmash", JSC "Beriev Aircraft Company" and others presented their job vacancies. The Fair was visited by 48 SRSPU (NPI) graduates. They were able to pass the aptitude test, talk to the HR departments’ members and find out characteristics and requirements of each employer, as well as to submit their resumes.

At the Career Fair, there was launched a discussion forum, where the requirements that the employers’ demanded from the graduates were discussed. The graduates expressed their wishes to the employers. The discussion forum’s participants with a great interest listened to the clear and detailed speech of the Vice-President of the Rostov Regional Employers Union V.F. Netesanova and the Chief of the Rostov Regional State Employment Service Office S.R. Grigoryan.

Also the representatives of the Novocherkassk employment service center led by the Deputy Director I.Y. Udyanskoy helped our graduates to orient at the Fair.

The event turned out to be bright and rich in the events. The main outcome of the Fair was that the graduates were able not only to communicate with the employers, but also to soberly estimate their abilities, to understand the requirements for the employees, and to make a decision that will determine their fate. 



Translated by Anastasia Popova