The "Expert RA" rating agency has published the third national list of Top-100 universities in Russia. M.I. Platov SRSPU (NPI) entered the Top-100 universities in Russia in 2014.

Among the rated participants are institutions of higher education, excluding creative and sports oriented universities, as well as universities of security agencies. The rating’s distinctive feature is the universities’ comprehensive assessment ranking that excludes one indicator ranking, as well as conducting large-scale surveys, along with an analysis of the statistical information. The evaluation of effectiveness of Russian universities accounted more than 40 indicators, including the education quality, the material and technical base, popularity among students, the demand for graduates, the level of research activity and innovation infrastructure.

"While preparing the rating we received the highest response rate from the institutions of higher education. Also was the respondents feedback was also unprecedented: 4000 people took part in the survey – all this are representatives of academic and scientific communities, employers, students and alumni, " – said the agency leading analyst Alexei Hodyrev.

Moreover, the survey has shown that technical universities graduates are more in demand by the labor market than managers, economists and the humanitarians.

Our university team can be proud of the quality of their work.



Translated by Anastasia Popova