On May 30, there was a solemn celebration of sports competitions winners and summarizing of the sports results of the year.

The University assembly hall was packed. It gathered all those who were not indifferent to sport. At the presidium table – Vice-rector for educational work E.M. Diakonov, the employees’ Trade Union Committee Chairman  E.A. Lazareva, the students’ Trade Union Chairman N.Y. Kurnakova and the University’s Sports Club Chairman N.A. Serova.

E.M. Dyakonov opened the sports festival. He congratulated the athletes with the end of the sports year. "Our University, the oldest University in the Don Region, has good sports traditions and these traditions should be continued", - he said.

N.N. Mogilinets, the Director of the Institute of Physical Education and Sports, summed up the sports results of the year. In the 68th University Olympics, dedicated to the 22nd Olympic Games in Sochi, participated more than 1,200 students. In the team event won the Mechanical Faculty, Civil-Engineering Faculty took the second place, Power Engineering Faculty – was the third.

The "Freshman" Olympics included five disciplines: athletics, overall physical training, volleyball, table tennis and darts. In the team event out of competition proved to the energy department, who got 40 points, the second place took the Mechanical Faculty (34 points), the third – the Faculty of Information Technology and Control (27 points). The Power Engineering Faculty won in athletics and volleyball, and in other disciplines was in the top three.



Translated by Anastasia Popova