On May 23 in SRSPU (NPI) a patriotic festival "Come on, youth!" took place, dedicated to young people’s patriotism and spirituality breeding, and to the revival of Russian and Cossack traditions.

Patriotism cultivation among young people of all nations has become a tradition rooted deep into centuries. This is a kind of space patriotism, which is based on the sense of Homeland, kinship, solidarity and love. All this is necessary because we neither choose our parents, nor children, nor homeland, nor the birthplace. The patriotism represents love for homeland, the continuity with its history and culture. 

On this day in the Atrium there was a big gala concert featuring the orchestra and the Academic Song and Dance Ensemble of the North Caucasus regional command of internal troops, Suvorov Military School and the oldest Don Cossack Institution of the Emperor Alexander III Cadet Corps bands, urban on-stage performance groups – pop-song ensemble "Harlequin", pop dance studio-school "Samantha" and collectives of the SRSPU (NPI) House of scientists and students – the pop song studio-group "Larisa", the ballroom dance group "Juventa" and dance ensemble "Sozvezdie L".

The audience was greeted by the SRSPU (NPI) Rector Vladimir Perederiy, the Constantine and Helen Temple abbot, the "Rosich" SWAT team 7 confessor, the Father Andrey Nemykin, the Novocherkassk Cossack District Ataman A.V. Demchenko and other officials. They congratulated young people, gathered in the Atrium, and wished them to be worthy successors and defenders of our glorious and powerful country.

After the concert everybody followed to the University’s stadium stands where the audience was welcomed by the Novocherkassk Organization of Veterans’ Special Forces "Maroon Berets" chairman Major S.A. Illarionov. The audience enjoyed the Belaya Kalitva Cossack cadet corps’ drummer’s performance, the «Rosich» SWAT’s shows and the bikers’ motocross with flags of the Russian Federation, Rostov region, SRSPU (NPI) and public organizations.

Today, we have high expectations for youth. So this day there were plenty of hits and wishes towards young people to gain the necessary knowledge and life values, and to use the experience and wisdom of previous generations in f




Translated by Anastasia Popova