On May 17 the SRSPU (NPI) Delegation comprising of the Vice-rector for Educational Activities L.I. Shcherbakova, the Executive Secretary of the University’s Admission Office O.N. Osipova, the Dean of the Mechanical Faculty V.M. Berdnik, the Dean of the Electromechanics Faculty M.E. Shoshiashvili, along with the Mechanical Faculty, Electromechanics Faculty, Faculty of Innovation and Organization of Production students, visited JSC "Taganrog Beriev Aviation Scientific-Technical Complex" and the SRSPU (NPI) branch in Taganrog.

The SRSPU (NPI) Delegation took part in the Doors Open Day and visited the Experimental Design Bureau, the manufacture, the flying test center, and the hydroaviation training center. The University graduates got acquainted with the new aviation equipment development, with the production of vehicles’ prototypes, with aircraft structural materials, with theoretical and experimental research in the fields of aerodynamics and hydrodynamics, the system engineering, and the aviation equipment.

Our students got genuinely interested in the production organization, in division tours; also the graduates were interested in the question of employment for the company. The Representatives for Educational Activities participated in the exhibition of studying places and represented our university. The Vocational guidance work was carried out among Taganrog pupils and their parents.

The Doors Open Day culmination was the performance of aerobatic teams. The Be-200 amphibious aircraft that is involved in the firefighting, demonstrated the splashdown in Taganrog Bay, picking up water and releasing it into the air.

All participants of the show were very satisfied, and brought back plenty of new impressions and positive emotions to Novocherkassk. 












Translated by Anastasia Popova