A special training program for the leading staff of universities in Russia "New Leaders of Higher Education completed in October 25, 2013 it was held by the Moscow School of Management "Skolkovo " on behalf of the Russian Ministry of Education .

For the selection of candidates participants in September 2012, a competition was held, in which participants were selected from 100 nominations from 350 universities of Russia. By the decision of the rector V.G. Perederiy the candidate was chosen from SRSPU (NPI) candidacy V.V.Shmatkov who on the decision of the competition committee was adopted by the Ministry of Education as a participant of the program in October 2012.  On October 26, 2012 the  program was opened by the Minister of Education and Science D.V.Livanov .

              In the process of implementation of the program the leading experts from Russia, Europe and the world reported to the participants on the topics of the modules, there were also organized targeted visits to leading universities and innovation projects in Moscow and Moscow region. Ministry of Education and Science has developed the current HPE Russian themes for development projects that have been assigned to the participants of the Program .


Representative of SRSPU (NPI) V.V.Shmatkov participated in group work "The commercialization development of Russian universities".  In work process the group offered to the implementation the project entitled "Development and testing of effective business model commercialization of R & D results of Russian universities ."

            The group consisted of the participants from different universities SRSPU (NPI), Tver State University (TSU), Moscow Institute of Fine Chemical Technology (MIFCT), Novosibirsk State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Penza State University of Architecture and Construction  and Kemerovo State Agricultural Institute. The stage of the project was worked out for each module and reported to program managers of "Skolkovo" and the Russian Ministry of Education .

           Vice-rector of SRSPU (NPI) V.V.Shmatkov made the final report on the project to the management of the Ministry of Education of Russian Federation. The basis of the proposed project presents an experience of SRSPU (NPI) in the organization at the University of Technology Engineering Company “Polytech”. The project was supported by the working group and has been further developed to the network level by organizing a new type of intercollegiate interaction through practical implementation of joint interdisciplinary projects. The project involves the development of an open network of university engineering fractal structures (spin- outs). As a result 22 Russian universities expressed their willingness to join the project. The main advantages of the project are minimal costs budget and practical approbation of the proposed business model.

         The Deputy Minister of Education and Science A.A.Klimov congratulated the participants on successful completion of training and recommended the proposed developments to practical implementation with the support of Ministry of Education of Russia. The participants were awarded diplomas of " Skolkovo " on completion of the Program "New Leaders of Higher Education " signed by the Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and the Head of the Programme D.V.Livanov and A.E.Volkova .

       The experience of SRSPU (NPI) in commercialization of research and development was recommended for inclusion in the collection of the best practices of Russian universities, preparing for the publication in Moscow School of Management " Skolkovo " .