On November 9, the staff and the students of SRSPU (NPI) took part in  the 4 th in a row clean- landscaping of the school campus, organized by the trade union of the university staff . This initiative was supported by members of the trade union organization of students. Good mood supported by the bravura music - brass band, and cheerfulness of forces - buffet where you could  treat yourself with hot tea and cakes .

10 lindens, 60 shrubs (lilac, barberry, cotoneaster, etc.) and 50 flowering shrubs of Korean chrysanthemum were planted during this event, the territory was cleaned from fallen leaves, old and dead plants. In general , during 2012-2013there were planted more than 8,100 plants, including about 4,000 rose bushes. 

In a press interview the chairman of the trade union committee of employees EA Lazareva said that "more than a year on the initiative of the trade union in our high school there is a program "Gardening and greening design of SRSPU (NPI) ", supported by social partner - the university administration. This program covers the territory of the university and the campus and the university area of ​​kindergarten. At the initial stage rector, deans and heads of departments have made personal donations to support the program. The Executive Housekeeper is actively involved in implementing the program, as well as the designers and trade committee of the university. There were signed long-term agreements with orchards of Krasnodar region, which deliver seedlings of trees, shrubs and flowers. Successful program execution is possible only with continuous and professional care of the planted plants. Our university trains specialists in design and for students it is a good practice in landscape design. It should be noted that the work on putting into practice the program "Gardening and greening design of SRSPU (NPI)» is not conducted on the clean- landscaping day, but every day. And let all the generations who will come after us in high school, proud of the acts of their predecessors and continue them. "

The participant of the event 2nd year student Veshkin Victor shared his opinion: "Today this tradition is actively supported by youth. Participation in cleanup landscaping of the university is an act of unity and active work of union members. Today, planting flowers and trees, we give a piece of our work for the benefit of the university. Let’s make the university prettier . "

Indeed, over the past few years, campus has changed. From spring to autumn we can admire luxury rosaries and flower beds, but now they are joined by ornamental shrubs . So the university is transformed into an ecological zone.