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The Don Emperor Alexander III Cadet Corps celebrated its 130th anniversary on December 19. And, acting in the best traditions of Russian patronage, realizing the importance of the education problem and training of youth, the first in the south of Russia Cossack institution of higher learning, M.I. Platov South-Russian State Polytechnic University (NPI), gave this educational institution modern equipped class of engineering education. The opening ceremony of the Class was attended by Vice-Rector for educational activities L.I. Shcherbakova , director of the Military Institute of SRSPU (NPI) , Lieutenant-General V.M. Moskovchenko, chief of the administration E.B. Zhurchenko, Vice-Rector on educational work E.M. Dyakonov , director of the Don Emperor Alexander III Cadet Corps , Colonel Cossack S.I. Kryutchenko, students of the Cadet Corps, SRSPU (NPI) students of Cossack hundreds.

Before the start of the opening ceremony the brass band of the House of Scientists and Students played in the lobby for the ceremony participants, honored guests were met with bread and salt and songs of the ensemble of Cossack song "Zalyan".

After cutting of the red ribbon all the guests went in a new class, where the Director of the Research Institute for the History and Development of the Cossacks and Cossack regions Professor A.P. Skorik spoke about the history of the university and training of engineers in the Don region.

Class of engineering education continued University’s project on the development of the education system in the region, reviving the cultural traditions of the Don Cossacks and giving priority to the needs of industrial complex in Rostov region. Organizing such classes SRSPU (NPI) lays the foundation for a system of training of highly skilled engineering staff from the Cossack youth. This is the second class of engineering, opened by our university. The first was opened in February in the Aksai Danila Ephraim Cadet Corps.



  E. Mezina